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UAE Innovation

Recognising innovation as a critical component of social and economic growth, countries around the world have begun to build national innovation plans and frameworks.
Individuals, business entities, and governments are all striving for progress through innovation.

through producing unique ideas and delivering new products, services and operations that improve the overall quality of life. Innovation is critical for stimulating economic growth, increasing competitiveness, and creating new job possibilities.

Since its foundation in 1971, the United Arab Emirates has been recognised as an icon of invention and creativity, rapidly improving its social and economic standing and transforming itself into a main destination for talents and businesses.
The UAE Leadership believes that innovation is the future of human investment and emphasises its relevance across all sectors in the UAE Vision 2021: “Innovation, research, science, and technology will be the pillars of a knowledge-based, highly productive, and competitive economy, driven by entrepreneurs in a business-friendly environment with effective partnerships between the public and private sectors.”

We look forward to better aspirations

We are looking forward to greater and more comprehensive aspirations, and we constantly keep in mind the tasks and responsibilities that this march faces in its progress, God willing, not only to consolidate and develop the achievements that have been achieved, but also our renaissance and expand its horizons with new ones from these achievements.

The government job is a door to innovation

The government job is not only a door to livelihood, but before that a door to production, and government departments are not offices of routine, dependence, and idleness, but rather fields of innovation.

Innovation Lab

Despite the existence of traffic laws, the black points system, radar speed violations, and traffic control on the roads, there are a large number of traffic accidents and road accident victims, and one of the reasons for these traffic accidents is “reckless and reckless driving of young people.”
Contribute with us to make roads safer and reduce traffic accidents Reckless driving and reckless behavior by some young people by submitting your innovative ideas for discussion on the Ministry of Interior’s innovation website